EWF Design Considerations (Standard 7 SP1)


This section examines common design considerations for Enhanced Write Filter (EWF).

Considerations for using EWF with other Embedded Enabling Features

Describes how to use EWF with other embedded enabling features.

EWF Maintenance

Describes how to manage EWF by using the EWFMGR command. This lets you install updates to a run-time image that is protected by EWF.

EWF Performance Considerations

Describes ways that you can improve the performance of EWF.

Hibernation and EWF

Describes how to use hibernation with EWF.

EWF and File-Based Write Filtering

Describes how the EWF and File-Based Write Filtering (FBWF) are related.

Troubleshooting EWF

Describes common EWF problems and resolutions.