Customer Experience Improvement Program (Standard 7 SP1)


The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is a voluntary program that collects information about how customers use Image Configuration Editor, and some of the problems they encounter. Microsoft uses this information to improve the products and features customers use most, and to help solve problems. Participation in the program is completely voluntary, and the end results are software improvements to better meet the needs of our customers.

The Standard 7 CEIP collects information about the development computer on which Image Configuration Editor is installed and how you use Image Configuration Editor. This information does not include any contact information; instead, a globally unique identifier (GUID) is generated and stored on your computer to uniquely identify it. CEIP uses this GUID to distinguish how widespread the feedback is. Your unique GUID is sent with every CEIP report. Some reports might unintentionally contain individual identifiers such as a serial number for a device that is connected to your development computer. Microsoft filters the information contained in CEIP reports to remove any individual identifiers that each report might contain.

You can obtain more information about the CEIP at this Microsoft Web site.

The first time you start Image Configuration Editor after installation, you will be asked to join the CEIP. The default is to not participate in the program, but you can choose to join or leave the CEIP at any time.

  • You have installed Image Configuration Editor on a development computer.

  1. On your development computer, in Image Configuration Editor, on the Help menu, choose Customer Experience Improvement Program.

  2. Select Yes, help improve Image Configuration Editor.OrSelect No thanks.

  3. If you want to review how your information will be used, click Read the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

  4. Click OK to save your setting.