This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CDocObjectServer Class

Implements the additional OLE interfaces needed to make a normal COleDocument server into a full DocObject server: IOleDocument, IOleDocumentView, IOleCommandTarget, and IPrint.

class CDocObjectServer : public CCmdTarget

CDocObjectServer is derived from CCmdTarget and works closely with COleServerDoc to expose the interfaces.

A DocObject server document can contain CDocObjectServerItem objects, which represent the server interface to DocObject items.

To customize your DocObject server, derive your own class from CDocObjectServer and override its view setup functions, OnActivateView, OnApplyViewState, and OnSaveViewState. You will need to provide a new instance of your class in response to framework calls.

For further information on DocObjects, see CDocObjectServerItem and COleCmdUI in the MFC Reference. Also see Internet First Steps: Active Documents and Active Documents.

Also see the following Knowledge Base article:

  • Q247382 : PRB: ToolTips for Controls in ActiveX Document Server Are Hidden by the ActiveX Document Container

Header: afxdocob.h