This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Unregisters a type library.

Note   This function is obsolete in Visual C++ .NET 2002 and later but is available for backward compatibility with projects created with previous versions of Visual C++.

ATLAPI AtlModuleUnregisterTypeLib( 
   _ATL_MODULE* pM, 
   LPCOLESTR lpszIndex  


Pointer to a CComModule class or derived class.


String in the format "\\N", where N is the integer index of the type library resource. Can be NULL if no index is required.

Returns S_OK on success, or an error HRESULT on failure.

This function is obsolete. Instead, use its replacement, AtlUnRegisterTypeLib.

This helper function is used by CAtlComModule::UnRegisterTypeLib.

Header: atlbase.h