vsFindOptions Enumeration
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vsFindOptions Enumeration

Represents the behavior of the ReplacePattern method, such as how to search, where to begin the search, whether to search forward or backward, and the case sensitivity.

Namespace: EnvDTE
Assembly: EnvDTE (in envdte.dll)

public enum vsFindOptions
/** @attribute GuidAttribute("A457303F-D058-4415-A2B4-A81B148C7689") */ 
public enum vsFindOptions
public enum vsFindOptions

 Member nameDescription
vsFindOptionsBackwardsSearches backward from current point. 
vsFindOptionsFromStartBegins search at beginning of document. 
vsFindOptionsKeepModifiedDocumentsOpenDoes not close documents that have been modified by the search. 
vsFindOptionsMatchCaseMatches case of word in search. 
vsFindOptionsMatchInHiddenTextLooks for text matches in hidden text as well as nonhidden text. The vsFindOptionsMatchInHiddenText constant value does not apply to the FindPattern method, because it searches all text, including hidden text. 
vsFindOptionsMatchWholeWordMatches whole word in search. 
vsFindOptionsNoneNo matching. 
vsFindOptionsRegularExpressionMatches regular expression. 
vsFindOptionsSearchSubfoldersIncludes subfolders in word search. 
vsFindOptionsWildcardsUses wildcards in string search. 
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