This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

UndoContext Members

Represents, as a single transaction, all operations performed on all participating open documents in Visual Studio. If its SetAborted method is invoked, all changes made since opening the object are discarded.

The following tables list the members exposed by the UndoContext type.

  Name Description
Public property DTE Gets the top-level extensibility object. 
Public property IsAborted Gets whether the UndoContext object operation was terminated by the SetAborted method. 
Public property IsOpen Gets whether an undo operation is currently in effect or if a solution is open. 
Public property IsStrict Gets whether the undo stack linkage is strict. 
Public property Parent Gets the immediate parent object of an UndoContext object. 

  Name Description
Public method Close Ends an undo operation.  
Public method Open Starts a new undo operation.  
Public method SetAborted Discards all changes to participating open documents since opening the UndoContext object.