Paste Method
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TextSelection.Paste Method

Inserts the clipboard contents at the current location.

Namespace: EnvDTE
Assembly: EnvDTE (in envdte.dll)

void Paste ()
void Paste ()
function Paste ()

Paste moves the edit point past the insertion.

public void PasteExample(DTE2 dte)
    // Create a new text file and insert ten lines of text.
    dte.ItemOperations.NewFile(@"General\Text File", "", 
    TextDocument textDoc = 
    EditPoint editPnt = textDoc.StartPoint.CreateEditPoint();
    for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
        editPnt.Insert("Line " + i.ToString() + "\n");

    if (MessageBox.Show("Reverse the order of the lines?", "", 
        MessageBoxButtons.YesNo) == DialogResult.Yes)
        TextSelection textSel = textDoc.Selection;

        // Position insertion point at beginning of "Line 2".
        textSel.LineDown(false, 1);

        // Reverse the order of the lines by cutting "Line 2" and
        // pasting it at the start of the document, and then cutting
        // "Line 3" and pasting it at the start of the document,
        // and so on.
        for (int i = 1; i <= 9; i++)
            textSel.LineDown(true, 1);
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