This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugger Methods

  Name Description
Public method Break Causes the given process to pause its execution so that its current state can be analyzed.  
Public method DetachAll Detaches from all attached programs.  
Public method ExecuteStatement Executes the specified statement. If the TreatAsExpression flag is true, then the string is interpreted as an expression, and output is sent to the Command Window.  
Public method GetExpression Evaluates an expression based on the current stack frame. If the expression can be parsed but not evaluated, an object is returned but will not contain a valid value.  
Public method Go Starts executing the program from the current statement.  
Public method RunToCursor Executes the program to the current position of the source file cursor.  
Public method SetNextStatement Sets the next instruction to be executed, according to the cursor position in the current source file.  
Public method StepInto Steps into the next function call, if possible.  
Public method StepOut Steps out of the current function.  
Public method StepOver Steps over the next function call.  
Public method Stop Stops debugging, terminating, or detaching from all attached processes.  
Public method TerminateAll Terminates all processes.