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ContextAttributes.Add Method

Adds an attribute name/value pair to the ContextAttributes collection.

Namespace: EnvDTE
Assembly: EnvDTE (in envdte.dll)

ContextAttribute Add (
	string AttributeName,
	string AttributeValue,
	vsContextAttributeType Type
ContextAttribute Add (
	String AttributeName, 
	String AttributeValue, 
	vsContextAttributeType Type
function Add (
	AttributeName : String, 
	AttributeValue : String, 
	Type : vsContextAttributeType
) : ContextAttribute



Required. The name of the new attribute.


Required. The value of the new attribute.


Required. A vsContextAttributeType constant specifying the type of new attribute.

Return Value

A ContextAttribute object.

Add allows you to add a new attribute to the collection (context bag) or create keywords.


If the collection object on which you are calling the method has Type set to vsContextAttributesGlobal, then this method fails with E_NOTIMPL.

Sub AddExample()
   ' Get a reference to Solution Explorer.
   Dim SolnEx As Window = DTE.Windows.Item _
   Dim CA As ContextAttribute

   ' List the current attributes associated with Solution Explorer.
   ListAttr(SolnEx, CA)

   ' Associate a new F1 keyword with Solution Explorer.
   SolnEx.ContextAttributes.Add("ANewKeyword", 900, _
   ListAttr(SolnEx, CA)

   ' Delete the new F1 keyword from Solution Explorer.
   ListAttr(SolnEx, CA)
End Sub

Sub ListAttr(ByVal SolnEx As Object, ByVal CA As ContextAttribute)
   ' Support function for CATest(). Lists the current attributes 
   ' associated with Solution Explorer.
   Dim msg As String

   MsgBox("Number of context attributes in Solution Explorer: " & _
   For Each CA In SolnEx.ContextAttributes
      msg = msg & CA.Name & Chr(13)
   msg = ""
End Sub
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