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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BuildDependency Interface

Represents all of the projects that the specified project depends on to complete a build.

Namespace:  EnvDTE
Assembly:  EnvDTE (in EnvDTE.dll)

<GuidAttribute("9C5CEAAC-062F-4434-A2ED-78AB4D6134FE")> _
Public Interface BuildDependency

The BuildDependency type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCollectionReturns the BuildDependencies collection containing the BuildDependency object that supports this property.
Public propertyDTEGets the top-level extensibility object.
Public propertyProjectGets the Project associated with the object.
Public propertyRequiredProjectsGets a list of the projects that must be built before the BuildDependency.Project project is built.

Public methodAddProjectAdds a project to the list of projects that must be built first.
Public methodRemoveAllProjectsRemoves all projects from the list of projects that must be built first.
Public methodRemoveProjectRemoves a project from the list that specifies the order in which projects are built.

Reference this object using Solution.SolutionBuild.BuildDependencies.Item.