Commerce Server 2000
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Use this method to retrieve the value of the specified custom property from the current user ticket.


Function GetProperty(
enumTicketType As EnumMSCS_TicketType,
propName As String
) As Variant



[in] An EnumMSCS_TicketType that indicates the type of ticket that contains the property.


[in] A String that contains the name of the property to retrieve.

Return Values

If this method completes successfully, it returns a Variant that contains the value for the specified property in the current user ticket. If the property is not found, the returned Variant is empty.

Error Values

This method sets the Number property of the global Err object to S_OK (&H00000000) to indicate success and to either standard or custom COM error values to indicate failure. For more information about standard COM errors, see Standard COM Errors.

The following table shows the custom COM errors that this method can return.

E_UPM_AUTHID_INVALID_PROPERTY&HC1004C27Invalid custom property name or value.
E_UPM_AUTHMANAGER_API_ASP_ONLY&HC1004C24This method should only be called within an ASP page.
E_UPM_AUTHMANAGER_TICKET_NOT_SET&HC1004C25Requested ticket not set.
MSG_UPM_AUTH_PROPNOTFOUND_ERROR&HC1004C00Requested property does not exist on the ticket.


Additional information may be available using the global Err object. In particular, the Description property may contain a text description of the error.


The following table defines the possible values for the EnumMSCS_TicketType.

enumMSCS_ProfileTicketType1A MSCSProfile ticket used for an anonymous user.
enumMSCS_AuthTicketType2A MSCSAuth ticket used for a registered user.

Use the SetProperty method to place custom property values in the current user ticket.

For more information about memory ownership issues related to COM property and method parameters, see Managing COM Parameter Memory.


    ' sPasswordValue is a String
' oAuthManager is a Commerce AuthManager object

sPasswordValue = oAuthManager.GetProperty(enumMSCS_AuthTicketType, _


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