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Commerce Server 2000

Commerce Server 2000 Help provides the following topics on security:

  • Cookies and Authentication. Describes Commerce Server cookies and how Commerce Server uses them in a Web farm scenario.

  • Planning for Security. Provides recommendations for questions about your security implementation.

  • Working with Site Security and Filters. Provides detailed information about developing a site using AuthFilter.

  • Site Security Objects. Describes how to use the AuthManager object, and the BizDeskSecurity object. Provides example code for the site security objects.

  • Managing the CS Authentication Resource. Explains how to use the CS Authentication resource to establish or change the authentication method for your Commerce Server site. Provides Login.asp code samples for enabling AuthFilter for the Retail and Supplier Solution Sites.

  • Commerce Server Security Checklist. Provides a list of security issues specific to Commerce Server, such as securing Commerce Server Business Desk sessions, and explains how to implement them.

  • Securing Your Site. Explain how to secure a Commerce Server site, including how to limit access to your site, Business Desk module, and the Administration database.

For additional information about security, see the following resources:

  • The Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit. Describes how to implement security when developing with a Commerce Server Solution Site. The Commerce Server 2000 Resource Kit is available from Microsoft Press.

  • The Internet Information Services (IIS) Online Documentation

  • The Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit

  • The Microsoft Security site at

  • The Microsoft Windows Security site at

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