XML Reference

XML Reference

Commerce Server 2000

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used extensively by Microsoft Commerce Server 2000. Different features use XML in different ways, resulting in a variety of defined XML structures. This section provides reference documentation for these various XML structures.

This section contains:

  • Analysis/Reporting XML Structures. Describes the XML structures used to create reports by Commerce Server Analysis.

  • Catalog XML Structures. Describes the XML structure in which product catalogs must be represented in order to be imported into the Product Catalog System.

  • Business Desk XML Structures. Describes the various XML structures used by Commerce Server Business Desk, including those used to define category and module structure, and those used by the various HTML Components (HTCs).

  • Expression XML Structures. Describes the XML structure used by the expression architecture.

  • Profile XML Structures. Describes the XML schemas and data structures used by the Profile service.

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