Commerce Server 2000
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Use this method to convert values read from the Fields property into appropriate objects such as a SimpleList object or a Variant Array. If the encoding in the string contained in the Fields property indicates a SimpleList object, then a SimpleList object is returned. If the encoding indicates a Variant Array, then a Variant Array is returned. If no collection object is indicated, then the method returns the original encoded input string.


HRESULT _GlobalConfig::GetIfCollection(
VARIANT* strList,



[in] A pointer to the VARIANT that contains the encoded string to be converted.


[out, retval] A pointer to a VARIANT used to return the converted data in the appropriate data type.

Return Values

This method returns an HRESULT indicating whether or not it completed successfully. See the Error Values section for more details.

Error Values

This method returns S_OK (0x00000000) to indicate success and standard COM HRESULT error values to indicate failure. For more information about standard COM errors, see Standard COM Errors. Additional information may be available using the global Err object, which can be accessed using the API function GetErrorInfo. In particular, the GetDescription method of the IErrorInfo interface may return a text description of the error.

All ADO, SQL, and ODBC errors will also be returned by this method.


The retVal parameter contains valid data only if the method completes successfully.

For more information about memory ownership issues related to COM property and method parameters, see Managing COM Parameter Memory.

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