ReportRenderer Object

Commerce Server 2000
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Use this object to render (display) or export a static report synchronously.

ProgID:  Commerce.ReportRenderer (Externally creatable)
COM Class Name:  ReportRenderer
Type Library Name:  Microsoft Commerce 2000 Report Renderer Type Library
DLL Name:  ReportRenderer.dll
Threading Model:  Both

The methods of the ReportRenderer object are shown in the following table.

InitInitializes the object.


The ReportRender object must be passed the ReportStatusID parameter of the report to be rendered in its initialization string. This parameter is set when the report is run or exported from the Reports module.

Exporting a static report writes a result table to a target database. The ListManager object imports from this table using the CreateFromDWCalc method of the ListManager object.

The ReportRender object runs synchronously. Use the AsyncRpt object to run static reports asynchronously.

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