Creating a Marketing Campaign

Commerce Server 2002

A marketing campaign uses different types of communication vehicles (for example, ads and direct mail) to accomplish a specific result, such as increasing marketing share, introducing new products, or retaining customers. A marketing campaign represents one or more contracts or orders from a customer. Each customer may have multiple campaigns such as a brand awareness campaign and a customer loyalty campaign. Each campaign may include multiple campaign items such as ads, discounts, or direct mailings. You use the Campaign Manager module to create and manage customers, campaigns, and campaign items.

To create a marketing campaign, you first add the customer to the Campaign Manager module. In Campaign Manager, you then create a campaign for your customer, for example, a brand awareness campaign. You goal your campaign, which determines the number of ads you want to deliver in a specified amount of time. After you have created a campaign, you can create one or more campaign items, and then specify your ad display. After you have defined the ad display, you can preview the ad before sending it to production.

The following figure illustrates a sample scenario for creating a marketing campaign, and then publishing the campaign on your Web site.

Publishing Campaign Changes on your WebsiteAdding a Campaign ItemGoaling a CampaignAdding a CampaignAdding a CustomerCreate a Marketing Campaign scenario In the Campaign Manager module, add a new customer (such as Arbor Shoes).

  1. In the Campaign Manager module, add a new campaign (such as Fall Season sale).
  2. Schedule the campaign (for example, by campaign-level goaling).
  3. Create an ad, (such as summer sandals).
  4. In the Publish Campaigns module, update your site with the new advertisement.

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