Pipeline Component Reference

Commerce Server 2002

This section contains the reference material for the following pipeline components supplied with Commerce Server.

Pipeline Component NameDescription
AddAttachmentsAdds attachments to a direct mail message.
AdvertisingNeedOfDeliveryEnsures advertisements are selected often enough to meet business commitments.
ComposeDMLMessageCreates the body of a direct mail message.
CreateUPMCookieCollects cookie data to pass to an Active Server Pages (ASP) page creating a personalized direct mail message.
CSFLoadAdvertisementsLoads advertising data for the Content Selection Framework through the CacheManager object.
CSFLoadDiscountsLoads discount data for the Content Selection Framework through the CacheManager object.
CSFWriteEventsUsed with the CacheManager object to log Content Selection Framework events.
DBOrderPromoADORetrieves data about price promotions from the database and adjusts item prices accordingly.
DefaultHandlingCy, DefaultHandlingUsed as placeholder handling components. They initialize the total handling for the order to zero (0).
DefaultItemPriceCy, DefaultItemPriceSet the regular price of an item to the list price returned by pipeline components such as QueryCatalogInfo or QueryProdInfoADO.
DefaultOrderSubTotalCy,DefaultOrderSubTotalCalculates the subtotal for the order.
DefaultPaymentAssigns a default value to the payment authorization code. This component is usually replaced by a third-party payment component.
DefaultShippingCy,DefaultShippingPlaceholder shipping components. They set the shipping cost to zero (0).
DefaultShopperInfoMoves information from the Shopper dictionary in the Context dictionary of the pipeline to the OrderForm object.
DefaultTaxCy, DefaultTaxSet the tax fields of the order to zero (0). These components are usually replaced by third-party tax components.
DefaultTotalCy, DefaultTotalCalculates the order total from the subtotals.
EvalTargetGroupsUsed to target particular groups for advertising, content selection, and discounts. This component evaluates a list of expressions for each item in a list and adjusts item selection scores.
ExecuteProcessRuns an external executable file.
FilterContentApplies provided filters to a content list in a Content Selection pipeline (CSP).
FixedHandlingAdds a fixed handling charge to the order.
FixedShippingApplies a fixed shipping charge to the order.
FlagInventoryDetermines whether any items on the order form are out of stock.
FormatTemplateMerges data from selected items and their associated templates to form formatted strings. These are usually Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) strings ready for display on the page.
HistoryPenaltyApplies penalties to content items based on how recently they have been selected.
IISAppendToLogRecords information about content selection results in the QueryString field of the Internet Information Services (IIS) log file.
InitCSFPipelineUsed at the beginning of a Content Selection pipeline (CSP) to initialize the values needed in the rest of the pipeline.
ItemPromoApplies a promotional price adjustment to an item on the order form.
LinearHandlingSets the handling total on the order by multiplying a field on the order form by a fixed rate.
LinearShippingCalculates the shipping total on the order form using a fixed rate.
LoadHistoryRetrieves a history string from a user profile, an item in the ASP session collection, or a cookie.
LocalInventorySets the number of items backordered on the order form.
MakePOProduces a formatted purchase order (PO) text string by merging information from the order form with a purchase order template.
MoneyConverterConverts OrderForm keys and values from integers to the new currency type, or from the new currency type to integer.
OrderDiscountApplies discounts scheduled in the Campaign Manager module in Commerce Server Business Desk to the shopping basket.
POtoFileSends a purchase order or other textual data to a file.
QueryCatalogInfoRetrieves catalog information for every item in the order form.
QueryProdInfoADORetrieves product information from a database.
RecordEventRecords event delta counts for the selected content items (the winners) in the Performance dictionary.
RecordHistoryRecords the identifiers of the winning content items in the history list string.
RequiredHandlingCy,RequiredHandlingVerifies that the handling total is present in the order.
RequiredItemAdjustCy, RequiredItemAdjustProvided for backwards compatibility only, This component has been replaced by the DefaultItemPriceCy and the RequiredItemAdjustPriceCy components.
RequiredItemAdjustPriceCy,RequiredItemAdjustPriceEnsures that the current price for each item in the order is set and that it has not been changed since the last time the basket was viewed.
RequiredItemPriceCy,RequiredItemPriceVerifies that each item in the order form has a regular price assigned to it. Regular prices are assigned by the DefaultItemPrice pipeline component and similar components.
RequiredOrderAdjustPriceCy,RequiredOrderAdjustPriceAdjusts the total cost of each item in the order after applying any discounts.
RequiredOrderCheckVerifies that the order form contains at least one item.
RequiredOrderInitCy,RequiredOrderInitInitializes the payment authorization code, order ID, totals, and subtotals in the order form.
RequiredOrderSubtotalCy,RequiredOrderSubtotalEnsures that a subtotal exists on the order form.
RequiredPaymentVerifies that the payment authorization code exists in the order form (is not NULL).
RequiredProdInfoDeletes items flagged for deletion by a previous Product Info stage component.
RequiredShippingCy,RequiredShippingVerifies that the shipping total has been set.
RequiredTaxCy,RequiredTaxVerifies that the total tax and tax included appear in the order form.
RequiredTotalCy,RequiredTotalVerifies that values on a page have not been tampered with or reset. The components compare values in the order against values in the _Verify_With dictionary.
SaleAdjustApplies a sale price to an item.

This pipeline component is used for backward compatibility only. This pipeline component has been replaced by the OrderDiscount component.

SampleRegionalTaxUse this component for calculating taxes using the multiple shipment features of Commerce Server 2002.
SaveHistoryRecords the history string in one of three locations: the User Profile object, the Active Server Pages (ASP) session collection, or the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) cookie.
SaveReceiptSaves the order in a database table.
ScoreDiscountsAdjusts scores of discount items to promote discounts most relevant to the current user.
ScriptorExecutes a script in a Microsoft ActiveX scripting language.
SelectWinnersSelects items based on their final scores in the Content Selection pipeline.
SendPrecomposedMessageSends a direct mail message composed in earlier stages in the pipeline.
SendSMTPSends an e-mail message to a specified recipient.
ShippingDiscountAdjustApplies shipping discounts to the order.
ShippingManagerCacheLoads shipping data for the multiple shipments shipping architecture through the CacheManager object.
ShippingMethodRouterThe ShippingMethodRouter pipeline component looks up and runs the pipeline components that calculate shipping costs for individual shipments, and then calculates the shipping total for the entire order.
SimpleCanadaTaxCalculates the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST).
SimpleJapanTaxComputes taxes according to the Japanese tax model.
SimpleUSTaxApplies taxes on any order sent to a specified state in the United States.
SimpleVATTaxCalculates a value-added tax (VAT).
SplitterDivides the order into groups based on a list of item keys. Frequently used to divide the order into multiple shipments.
SQLItemADORuns a query for each item in the order form.
SQLOrderADORuns a single SQL query on the order, passing order parameters to the query.
StepwiseShippingCalculates shipping costs for shipments in the multiple-shipment shipping architecture. This component is never directly used in a pipeline; it is run by the ShippingMethodRouter pipeline component.
TableHandlingADOSets the handling total on the order based on values retrieved from the database.
TableShippingADOSets the total shipping on the order by using values retrieved from the database.
ThrottleDMLPerformanceControls the speed with which direct mail messages are processed by the pipeline.
ValidateCCNumberChecks the expiration date of a credit card and performs a checksum test on the number.
VerifyMessageBodyChecks the body of a direct mail message according to the user flags.
VerifyRecipientDataChecks the data about the recipient of a direct mail message.

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