Custom Pricing (Price Rules in a Virtual Catalog)

Commerce Server 2002

In a virtual catalog, you can apply price rules to a category, product, or product variant.

You apply price rules when you are creating a virtual catalog in an alternate currency, or when you are creating a virtual catalog that will be displayed only to a specific group of users, for example, members of a club who receive discounted prices.

A category, product, or product variant can have only one price rule.

You can apply the following price rules to categories and products in a virtual catalog:

  • Set Price. You specify the exact price of the product. For example, the product is selling for exactly $10.00.
  • Add. You specify the exact amount to increase the base price.
  • Add percentage. You specify the percentage of the base price that should be added to the price.
  • Discount. You specify the exact amount to decrease the base price.
  • Discount percentage. You specify how much to remove from the price. To reduce the price by 20 percent, you specify 20 percent.

For more information about custom pricing, see Converting Prices to an Alternate Currency.

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