Commerce Server 2002

Use this component to run a query for each item in an order form.

Intended use: Order Processing pipeline, Accept stage.

Configuration Values

You can determine the query the SQLItemADO component runs by setting component properties. Use the following boxes on the SQL Item (ADO) tab of the Component Properties dialog box to determine this information.

Connection StringThe connection string to connect to the database. This may be a full connection string or a name in a connection map. If blank, the default connection string is used.
QueryThe full SQL text of the query this component will run, or the name of a query whose full SQL text is defined in the Global.asa file in the QueryMap key.
Parameter ListThe parameters the component passes to the query. Separate multiple parameters with a single space. The following are the allowed parameters:
Passes the query the number of line items on the order.
Give the query the zero-based index number of this line item.
Passes the value of the specified field in the order form.
Passes the value of the specified field in the Item dictionary.
The query receives the sum of a particular field on the order.
Passes the sum times the respective quantities.

Values Read

The SQLItemADO component reads the following values from the indicated dictionaries.

DefaultConnectionStringContextOptional. The key in the Application dictionary containing the default query string.
ConnectionStringMapContextOptional. The map in which to look up the name of a mapped connection string.
QueryMapContextOptional. A reference to a dictionary containing a query map.

Values Written



The SQLItemADO component runs a query for each item in the items list, passing the specified order form fields as parameters to the query. These fields can include keys from either the Order or the Item dictionary.

The connection string must include either the full connection string (the data source name (DSN), database login ID, and database password) or the name of a named connection stored in the connection map.

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