Commerce Server 2002

Use this component to set the number of items back ordered on the order form.

Intended use: Order Processing pipeline, Inventory stage.

Configuration Values

You can determine how the LocalInventory component deals with back orders by setting component properties. Use the following boxes on the Local Inventory tab of the Component Properties dialog box to determine this information.

Disallow BackorderIf selected, indicates that back orders are not permitted. The component adds a message to the _Purchase_Errors list if there is a back order.

Values Read

The LocalInventory component reads the following values from the indicated dictionaries.

item._product_local_inventoryOrderThe local inventory for this stockkeeping unit (SKU).
item.quantityOrderThe quantity of the item ordered.
item.skuOrderA unique identifier for the product.
MessageManagerContextDynamic. This key is used only if the Disallow Backorder option is selected. This key is a reference to a MessageManager object, and is used to retrieve the out of stock constant (pur_out_of_stock) in case of an error.

Values Written

The LocalInventory component writes the following values to the Order dictionary.

item._inventory_backorderThe amount back ordered to fulfill the order for this item.
_Purchase_ErrorsDynamic. Error messages are written to this SimpleList object only if the Disallow Backorder option is selected.


The component writes error messages to the _Purchase_Errors collection. The component uses a MessageManager object to retrieve user warning message text.

pur_out_of_stockAn item in the order is out of stock.


The LocalInventory component sets the value of the _inventory_backorder key on the order form to the number of items back ordered. The LocalInventory component takes the sum of the items for each SKU in the order, and then compares this number with the value of the _product_local_inventory key. If the value of the _product_local_inventory key is less than the number of items ordered, the component sets the value of the _inventory_backorder key to the difference.

The value of the item._product_local_inventory key is set from a database table by a components such as QueryProdInfoADO or QueryCatalogInfo.

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