Using the Campaign Management Service

This page has been deprecated and the content will not be refreshed as of February 2013.

Instead please see Campaign Management Service Reference, Managing Ads and Campaigns, or Bing Ads API Overview.

The Campaign Management API provides the operations, data objects, and value sets, that you use to programmatically define and manage an advertising campaign. An advertising campaign is defined by using the following set of objects.

The campaign is the parent object of ad groups, and the ad group is the parent object of ads and keywords. An ad group can contain text ads, mobile ads, or both. The target object is optional and does not have a hierarchical relationship with the other objects.

The target objects are contained in a target library that is specific to each customer. You use target objects to define criteria for targeting users based on demographic factors or geographical location. You can then assign the targets to one or more ad groups and campaigns.

The reference topic for each of these objects identifies the required and optional elements that you must set when you add or update the object (see the Add and Update columns in the table).

The API provides operations for adding, updating, and deleting each of these objects. For information about defining and adding each of these objects, see the following topics.

For code samples that show how to call the operations that you use to manage a campaign, see Code Samples.