Reporting Service Overview

This page has been deprecated and the content will not be refreshed as of February 2013.

Instead please see Reporting Service Reference, Getting Reports, or Bing Ads API Overview.

The Reporting service provides a set of predefined reports.

When you request a report, you specify the report parameters that determine the contents of the report. For example, you can set the aggregation level to group the data by day or month; specify the time period of the data to include in the report by using specific dates or predefined date ranges, such as today or the last seven days; specify the scope of the data by identifying the accounts, campaigns, and ad groups to include in the report; and set filter criteria to filter the report data.

For a complete list of report parameters that you can set, see each report request object and the ReportRequest base object.

You also specify the columns to include in the report. For each report, there are columns that you must include and columns that are optional. The report uses the column names as the column headers. The report includes the columns in the same order that you include them in the Columns element of the report request.

For a list of reports that you can request, see Report Types.

For information about how the campaign’s time zone affects the time period that you specify, see Time Zones in Reporting.

For information about when the books are closed for reporting, see Determining When the Books Close.

For examples of XML reports, see XML Report Examples.