Command Line Parameters for the NDIS Performance Test (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can modify the behavior of the NDIS Performance Test by editing the command line for the test. To specify one or more of the following optional command line parameters for this test, use the –c command line parameter. The -c parameter forces Tux to pass the specified string into the test module. For more information about how to edit the command line for a test, see Editing the Command-Line for a Test.

The following table shows the command line parameters for the NDIS Performance Test.

Command line parameter Description


Displays a list of command line parameters for the test.


Enumerates all network adapters present and displays information about each adapter.

-mode send|recv

Specifies whether to test send throughput or receive throughput.

-wsock [-hsize n]

Runs the test in the same way as the Winsock Performance Test. The value n is the total header size. The default value for n is 40+14. For TCP, n=54. For UDP, n=42.

For more information about the Winsock Performance Test, see Winsock Performance Test.


Runs the test in the role of supporting desktop computer.


Locates and then uses the supporting desktop computer.

-v n

Specifies logging verbosity on a scale of 0 to 15. A value of 0 specifies minimum verbosity and a value of 15 specifies maximum verbosity. The default value is 10.

-packets n

Specifies the number of packets to send. The default value is 10000.

-size n

Specifies the size of each packet. If you specify this parameter, the test ignores the -min, -max, and -step parameters.

-min n

Specifies a minimum packet size. The default value is 64.

-max n

Specifies a maximum packet size. The default value is 1514.

-step n

Specifies the increment in packet size. The default value is 64.

-pool n

Specifies the number of packets in the pool of packets to use in the test. The default value is 64.


Disables unbinding of other protocol drivers from the tested adapter before the test is run.


Uses the NdisSend function instead of the NdisSendPackets function for send operations.

-ubdelay n

Specifies the length of the delay after protocol unbinding. The default value is 1000 milliseconds (ms).

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