Silverlight for Windows Embedded Sample Application XamlPerf (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The XamlPerf sample application demonstrates a simple Silverlight for Windows Embedded application that displays an animation on the screen and provides some basic performance information.

The screen shows the current frames per second, and the debug output shows the frames per second, CPU usage, and memory usage periodically.

To include the sample application in your OS design, add the sysgen SYSGEN_SAMPLEXAMLPERF to your design, and rebuild the image. XamlPerf.exe builds and three shortcuts (Bounce, Bubbles, and Carousel) appear on the device desktop for running XamlPerf with three different XAML files (bounce, bubbles, and carousel).

To run the XamlPerf sample application
  1. On the device desktop, double click one of the shortcuts: Bounce, Bubbles, or Carousel.


    In a command window, type the following command:

    XamlPerf \windows\[XAMLFile]

    Where [XAMLFile] is one of the following:

    • Bounce.xaml
    • Bubbles.xaml
    • Carousel.xaml
  2. To close the application, click anywhere on the screen.

Source code is available at <WINCEROOT>\Public\Common\Oak\Demos\Xamlperf.

The XAML files for the three included animations are available at <WINCEROOT>\Public\Common\Oak\Files\Xamlperf.

On the device, the XAML files, bitmaps, and other resource files are available at \Windows\

You can use a custom XAML file instead of the XAML files included with this application, but you must write the XAML so that it contains an OnLoaded event trigger with an animation that runs forever; otherwise the application does not do anything.

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