Voice over IP Phone Services (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) specifies the establishment, transfer, and termination of audio over the Internet.

VoIP Technology Overview

Provides an overview of Voice over IP technology.

Voice over IP Phone Services Catalog Items

Provides descriptions and Sysgen variable information for the Catalog items that appear under the security node in the Platform Builder Catalog.

VoIP Application Development

Provides information to help you design applications that work with Windows Embedded CE-based VoIP.

VAIL Database Store Reference

Describes the VAIL Database Store (sample code database.)

PhCommon Reference

Describes the PhCommon library (sample code library.)

Real-time Communications (RTC) Client API

Describes the Real-time Communications (RTC) Client API.

Deploying a VoIP System

Provides information about deploying a functional VoIP system.

Exchange Client

Provides functionality used by the IP Phone Suite to retrieve contact and global address list information, for example, from an Exchange server.

Windows Embedded CE Features

Other Windows Embedded CE features, some of which are used by the VoIP and IP Phone functionality in Windows Embedded CE.

By default, Telnet Server is not included in VoIP services. If you enable it, you will receive warnings, because Telnet Server is a sample not intended for commercial distribution and is vulnerable to security attacks. For more information on making Telnet Server more secure, see Telnet Server Security.

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