Security for Windows Embedded Compact (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact provides technologies to increase the security of your device or application.

Authentication Services

Authentication Services for Windows Embedded Compact powered devices provide security services for user authentication, credential management, and message protection through the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI).


Certificates help users provide more secure communications by providing a common credential to verify identity.

Credential Manager

Credential Manager is one of the security technologies available in Windows Embedded Compact that you use to provide a single point for managing credentials.


Cryptography services for Windows Embedded Compact powered devices provide cryptographic security features that application developers can add to applications.

Cryptography API: Next Generation

Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) is the long-term replacement for the Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI or CAPI).

Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS)

The Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS) provides the infrastructure that enables user authentication independent of the application and the specific authentication mechanism.

Security Loader

The Security Loader is an authentication mechanism that determines access rights for processes.

Smart Card

The Smart Card subsystem provides a connection between smart card reader hardware and applications that are smart card-aware.