Connection Manager (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Connection Manager in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 establishes and manages network connections for a Windows Embedded CE powered device. A device can access data networks, such as the Internet, by using several types of connections. Connection Manager handles the following types of connections; ActiveSync Desktop Pass-through (DTPT), Bluetooth Dial-up Networking (DUN), general packet radio service (GPRS), and wireless LAN (WLAN) connections.

An application requests a network connection from Connection Manager. Then Connection Manager chooses the optimal network-connection and handles all the details of connecting to the network for the application.

Connection Manager Overview

Provides an overview of the features of Connection Manager, and describes the Connection Manager functionality.

Connection Manager Architecture

Provides information about high-level architecture and the architectural components for Connection Manager.

Connection Manager OS Design Development

Provides information about developing an operating system (OS) design that includes support for Connection Manager.

Connection Manager Application Development

Provides conceptual information about developing applications that use Connection Manager.

Connection Manager Configuration

Provides information about configuring Connection Manager by modifying the XML provisioning file in the device.

Connection Manager How-to Topics

Provides guidelines for how to complete development tasks for integrating Connection Manager functionality into an application.

Connection Manager Reference

Describes the Connection Manager API programming elements.

Windows Embedded CE Features

Provides links and information about items that you can select in the catalog and functionality that can be included in OS designs.

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