IRAPISession::CeSyncStart (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This function begins synchronization between a desktop and a remote Windows Embedded CE–based device.

HRESULT CeSyncStart(
  LPCWSTR szCommand


[in] This parameter should always be NULL.

S_OK indicates success. An error code indicates failure. To get extended error information, call IRAPISession::CeGetLastError and IRAPISession::CeRapiGetError.

When this function is called, ActiveSync will begin to synchronize data between the desktop and the device. The set of items that are synchronized are determined by the previously established partnership between the device and the desktop. Calling this method initiates the same actions as the user clicking the Sync button in the ActiveSync window.Use the IRAPISession::CeSyncStop function to stop synchronization.

Libraryole32.lib, rapiuuid.lib
Windows Embedded CEWindows Embedded CE 6.0 and later

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