Customizing the Network UI (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


To customize the network UI, you can change a string within the existing UI, or you can create an application that replaces the entire UI.

For the purpose of instruction, in this procedure, you will be changing a string that appears in a dialog box.

If you are customizing functions, you must make sure that you export the same functions as those that are currently exported, and you must maintain the same semantics. In other words, the meaning of the parameter must be the same, and the functions must return the same return code values. For more information, see Functions Exported by the Network UI.

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the appropriate file.

    If you edit the resource file and save it in Platform Builder , unexpected changes will occur in resource.h and connmc.rc. To avoid this problem, we recommend locating the .rc file by using Windows Explorer and opening it using Notepad, instead of Platform Builder.


  2. Right-click the filename, select Open With, and then select Choose Default Program.

    For this example, right-click connmc.rc.

  3. In the Recommended Programs list, double-click Notepad.

  4. In the source code, locate the section titled String Table.

  5. Change the text as desired.

    1. For this example, change the text for IDS_RAS_NEW_NAME line from "My Connection" to "New Connection."
  6. Save the file, and then close it.

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