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Discovering OBEX Devices

Discovering OBEX Devices (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Device discovery enables clients to discover other OBEX devices that are in range, regardless of their protocol. To obtain a list of available devices, clients call the IObex::EnumDevices method.

Another and probably preferred method for device discovery is using IConnectionPointContainer and IObexSink:IUnknown interfaces.

To make device discovery notifications by using IConnectionPointContainer and IObexSink:
  1. Create an IObex:IUnknown object by calling the CoCreateInstance method.

  2. Call IUnknown::QueryInterface on the IObex object to retrieve an IConnectionPointContainer reference.

  3. Call the IConnectionPointContainer::FindConnectionPoint method on the IConnectionPointContainer reference. This method receives a pointer to the IConnectionPoint interface of a connection point.

  4. Implement IObexSink and create an object of this class.

  5. Call the IConnectionPoint::Advise method on the IConnectionPoint reference retrieved by FindConnectionPoint and pass the IObexSink object as a parameter.

  6. Call the IObex::StartDeviceEnum method on the IObex object.

For more information see Windows Embedded CE topic Device Capability.

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