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Headers to Use with Put Operations (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Connection Id header is always used with Put requests. This header identifies the connection identifier returned in the connect response. If a connect command was not issued, a default connection is assumed.

The following optional headers are included in the Put request packet:

  • Name identifies the name of the object being returned, if applicable.
  • Length defines length of the object being returned.
  • Time includes the header timestamp information.
  • Type defines the object type. Types are of the MIME format, such as text/html, x-obex/object-profile, text/x-vCard, and others.
  • Body includes data.
  • EndOfBody marks the end of the body.

Headers are not included in the Put response packet. The following table shows the possible response codes.

Value Description


Indicates failure.


Included in intermediate response packets.


Included in the final response packet if the Put operation is successful.

The response to any individual request packet must consist of one packet. Multipacket Put responses are not supported.

If the length field of the response code is greater than three, the response includes headers. Unknown response codes indicate failure.

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