IOleControlNavigation2AdviseSink::OnNavigationStatusChange (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The navigation control calls this method to notify the browser when there is a change in its ability to accept or maintain the focus.

virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE OnNavigationStatusChange( 
  DWORD navigationStatus


[in] Control passes NAV_STATUS_CANNAVIGATENOW to indicate that it is now able to accept the focus, otherwise this parameter should be zero.

S_OK indicates success.

If the navigation control has previously set the flag NAV_CONTROLREQUESTSWAITFORNAVIGATIONSTATUS in GetControlNavigationCapabilities it must call this method to tell the browser to proceed with laying out and rendering the control.

This method is only called when the control is responsible for navigation.

Headermshtmhst.idl, mshtml.h
Windows Embedded CEWindows CE .NET 4.1 and later

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