Building a Multilingual Run-time Image (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


After you have created the OS design, as described in Creating a Multilingual OS Design, you must build your run–time image.

  1. From the Build menu of Visual Studio, choose Advanced Build Commands, then Sysgen. Select Global Build Settings, and then make sure that the Copy Files to Release Directory After Build and Make Run–Time Image After Build options are selected.

    The build process will take several minutes to complete.

  2. After the building process has completed, from the Build menu, choose Open Release Directory in Build Window.

  3. At the command prompt, type the following command.

    createmui <list of non–default LCIDs>

    For a list of locale identifiers (LCIDs), see Language Identifiers and Locales. For example, if you follow the instructions in Creating a Multilingual OS Design so that the default language is French, the following code will create an English MUI run–time image.

    createmui 0409
    The default locale should not be included in this list. If there are multiple non–default languages, they should be separated by spaces.

    This command copies all of the localized resources for the specified locale to the release directory and creates a Multiui.bib file in the same directory. The Muiltiui.bib file contains a list of all these localized resources.

  4. In Windows Explorer navigate to the %_WINCEROOT%\OS Designs\<solution name>\<OS design name>\RelDir\DeviceEmulator_ARMV4I_Debug directory and locate the Multiui.bib file.

  5. Open Multiui.bib by using a text editor.

  6. In Multiui.bib, delete the line of code which references k.coredll.dll.dll.mui.

  7. Copy all of the contents of Multiui.bib.

  8. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the %_WINCEROOT%\OS Designs\<solution name>\<OS design name>\RelDir\DeviceEmulator_ARMV4I_Debug directory and locate the Common.bib file.

  9. Open Common.bib by using a text editor.

  10. Navigate to the end of the Common.bib file.

  11. Paste the contents of Multiui.bib to the end of Common.bib. Save this file.

  12. In Visual Studio, open the Build menu, and choose Make Run–Time Image.

    The build process will take several minutes to complete.

You will now need to test your run–time image. For instructions on testing your run–time image please see Testing the Multilingual Run-time Image.

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