DirectDraw Application Development (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Microsoft DirectDraw is the part of the DirectX API that allows you to directly manipulate display memory, the hardware blitter, hardware overlay support, and flipping surface support.

DirectDraw provides this functionality while maintaining compatibility with existing Windows Embedded CE–based applications and device drivers.

  • DirectDraw is a software interface that provides direct access to display devices while maintaining compatibility with the Windows graphics device interface (GDI). It is not a high-level API for graphics.
  • DirectDraw provides a device-independent way for games and Windows subsystem software, such as graphics packages and digital video codecs, to gain access to the capabilities of specific display devices.
  • DirectDraw works with a variety of display hardware, ranging from simple SVGA monitors to advanced hardware implementations that provide clipping, stretching, and non-RGB color format support.

The interface is designed so that your applications can enumerate the capabilities of the underlying hardware and then use any supported hardware-accelerated functionality.

DirectDraw emulates functionality that is not implemented in hardware.

Exploring Graphics Concepts

Provides information on exploring graphics concepts.

Getting Started with DirectDraw

Provides information on getting started with DirectDraw.

Working with Graphics Devices

Provides information on working with graphics devices.

Working with DirectDraw Objects

Provides information on working with DirectDraw.

Working with DirectDraw Surfaces

Provides information on working with DirectDraw surfaces.

Working with DirectDraw Clippers

Provides information on working with DirectDraw clippers.

Advanced DirectDraw Information

Provides advanced DirectDraw information.

DirectDraw Middleware Architecture

Provides information on DirectDraw middleware architecture.

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