Texture Addressing Modes and Texture Wrapping (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Direct3D Mobile enables applications to perform texture wrapping. It is important to note that setting the texture addressing mode to D3DMTADDRESS_WRAP (see D3DMTEXTUREADDRESS) is not the same as performing texture wrapping. Setting the texture addressing mode to D3DMTADDRESS_WRAP results in multiple copies of the source texture being applied to the current primitive, and enabling texture wrapping changes how the system rasterizes textured polygons. For details, see Texture Wrapping.

Enabling texture wrapping effectively makes texture coordinates outside the [0.0, 1.0] range invalid, and the behavior for rasterizing such delinquent texture coordinates is undefined in this case. When texture wrapping is enabled, texture addressing modes are not used. Take care that your application does not specify texture coordinates lower than 0.0 or higher than 1.0 when texture wrapping is enabled.

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