Multiple Screens (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Multiple Screens Catalog item allows multiple screens to be connected to a device. You can use these multiple screens as one large combined screen to create more screen space for applications. This extra space is useful whenever you need to maximize your on-screen workspace.

Multiple Screens Application Development

Provides architectural information about multiple screen support and creating applications that support multiple screens.

Multiple Screens Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings that affect multiple screen support.

Multiple Screens Security

Describes how to enhance security in operating systems and applications that support multiple screens.

Multiple Screens Reference

Provides reference information for the programming elements in the Imaging API.

Multiple Screens OS Design Development

Provides information describing how OEMs can add and integrate support for multiple screens into OS designs.

Multiple Screens How-to Topics

Provides steps you can follow to perform tasks related to multiple screen support.

Multiple Screens Migration

Describes how to modify exiting code for multiple screens to work with the latest version of Windows Embedded CE.

Multiple Screens Samples

Provides information about code examples and samples for multiple screens.


Provides links to information about other graphics technologies for Windows Embedded CE.

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