Fonts (Compact 7)


Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides the same support for fonts as Windows 7 with the following differences.

  • Compact 7 does not support embedded fonts.
  • Compact 7 supports an additional Japanese font, MSGothic with only 12 and 16 point glyphs, that is not supported in Windows 7.
  • Generally, Windows Embedded Compact uses Segoe UI as the default system font. There is no default font for Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. Therefore, if you plan to support Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese in your OS design, you must load at least one font for each language so that your application has text output.
  • Windows Embedded Compact supports TrueType and raster font technologies, but you can use only one of these font technologies in an OS design.
  • After you choose either the TrueType or raster font technology during OS design, you cannot change technologies with an application.
  • TrueType is the default in Windows Embedded Compact. However, you can implement raster technology in your OS design by adding the Raster Fonts Support catalog item from the Platform Builder Catalog to your OS design.

For information about font and text support in Windows 7, see Fonts and Text.

To add this feature to your OS, see Fonts Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see Fonts Reference.

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