Network Driver Development Concepts (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can create a customized NDIS miniport driver for a Windows Embedded CE–based OS design to enable Windows Embedded CE to support a custom network adapter. Because Windows Embedded CE does not require backward compatibility with legacy drivers, it does not support full network interface card (NIC) drivers or monolithic network drivers.

The following list shows the NDIS functionality available for a Windows Embedded CE–based OS design:

  • Portability of drivers between OS designs that support NDIS
  • Network adapter miniport driver support
  • Support for intermediate (including layered) and upper-level drivers
  • Support for Ethernet (802.3), Token Ring (802.5), and IrDA media
  • Support for wide area networks (WANs)
  • Support for wireless wide area networks (WWANs)
  • Support for ISA, PCI, and PC Card devices
  • Dynamic binding of adapters and Plug and Play support
  • Support for multiple network adapters that are bound to the same protocol

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