Applications and Services (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The following technologies are available as components that may be integrated into the final OS image.

This table lists definitions and provides a link for each component.

More information is available in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Catalog Items.

.NET Compact Framework

This is a hardware-independent program execution environment for secure downloadable applications optimized for resource-constrained computing target devices. It offers a choice of languages, initially Microsoft Visual Basic® and Microsoft Visual C#®, and eliminates the common problems faced with language interoperability.

This Catalog item is only available in display-based OS designs.


Microsoft ActiveSync provides support for synchronizing data between a Windows-based desktop computer and Windows Embedded CE-based devices. Using time stamps and user preferences, the synchronization process tracks data changes on both computers, then transfers the appropriate data so that each machine has the most-recent versions. Outdated or unwanted data is discarded. CE 6.0 provides support for ActiveSync version 3.5 and later.

Exchange Client

The Exchange client provides programmatic access to contact, global address list and free/busy information stored on an Exchange server.

GPS Intermediate Driver

The GPS Intermediate Driver is useful to developers writing applications that use GPS (Global Positioning System) devices as well as to GPS hardware manufacturers. It provides an intermediate layer that abstracts the actual GPS device from developers and manufacturers.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Client

LDAP version 3.0 is used to access a directory that stores names, addresses, phone numbers, and other types of information. The LDAP API simplifies writing directory applications.

Location Framework

The Location Framework provides an abstraction layer between an application and the underlying hardware and/or networking services that provide the physical position of a device.

Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)

The Microsoft Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) API, for Outlook Mobile, allows user applications to access the Personal Information Manager (PIM) data stores, and manipulate the information they contain. The data stores hold IAppointment, IContact, and ITask items.

This Catalog item is only available in display-based OS designs.

Remote Desktop Protocol

The Remote Desktop Protocol implementation for Windows Embedded CE allows you to connect remotely to a desktop computer running Windows XP Professional, or a server running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition or later.

SOAP Toolkit

SOAP is an XML-based protocol for object exchange and remote procedure calling. Windows CE 5.0 provides functionality similar to the SOAP Toolkit version 2 on the desktop. It provides a layer that allows COM objects to use SOAP as the transport protocol for remote procedure calls and to interact with Web services.

Speech API (SAPI) 5.0

The Speech API (SAPI) 5.0 technology for Windows Embedded CE is a subset of the Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) version 5.0. SAPI 5.0 is a programming standard that provides tools and components to speech recognition and text-to-speech software applications. Speech recognition applications allow a computer to respond to spoken commands or to write text in response to spoken words. Text-to-speech applications allow a computer to synthesize a voice that speaks words that are in a string or text file.

User Help

User Help can be included in your custom shell. It offers the ability to modify existing Help topics or create new ones.

Windows Media Player for Windows Embedded CE

Provides information for the Windows Media Player control and sample application for Windows Embedded CE.

Windows Messenger

The Microsoft® Windows® Messenger for Windows Embedded CE real-time communications software combines real–time voice and text communications with file transfer capability.

Third-Party Applications

Provides information about third party applications available for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3.

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