Benefits and Limitations of GPE Display Drivers (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The following table shows the benefits of a GPE display driver.

Benefit Description

Software support for all rendering functions

After you write the hardware-specific code to initialize the display driver, you have a functional driver. With this functional driver, you can then implement and test elements of hardware acceleration one element at a time.

Reduced development work

If you develop a display driver from the beginning, you may be able to create a display driver that performs marginally better than a GPE version of the same driver. However, you must perform a significant amount of development work to duplicate the functionality that GPE provides. GPE reduces the time required to develop a display driver because you do not need to write code to provide this basic functionality.

Support for Microsoft® ClearType® display technology

For more information about ClearType, see ClearType.

Support for the GradientFill function

Not applicable.

The following table shows the limitations of a GPE display driver.

Limitation Description

Hardware must support a flat-frame buffer

The display hardware must have a single block of contiguous memory.

Block image transfer (blit) overhead

There is overhead associated with each blit. With fast hardware that performs many blits, the cumulative effect of this overhead may be significant.

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