Enabling Monte Carlo Profiling of a Configuration (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Monte Carlo profiling is a statistical technique used to determine which functions are being called on your run-time image and how often.

You can use the results from this technique to find functions that are good candidates for optimization because optimizing the most frequently used functions likely has the greatest overall impact on performance. For more information, see Monte Carlo Profiling.

The following steps describe how to enable Monte Carlo profiling for your run-time image using the Platform Builder IDE.

  1. From the Project menu, choose <SolutionName> Properties.

    The <SolutionName> Property Pages dialog box appears.

  2. In the Configuration drop-down list, choose the release configuration for the hardware platform.

  3. Expand Configuration Properties, choose Build Options, and select the Enable profiling check box.

    This sets IMGPROFILER=1 for the OS design. For more information, see Instrumented Kernel Profiling and Monte Carlo Profiling.

  4. Choose OK to close the <SolutionName> Property Pages dialog box.

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