Jumping to a Run-Time Image on the Target Device (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


After you create a run-time image, you can download it to a target device for debugging and testing. For more information, see Downloading a Run-Time Image.

After you have downloaded the run-time image to the target device and then disconnected from the target device, you can re-connect to the run-time image on the target device by jumping to the run-time image. Establishing a connection between your development workstation and the run-time image on the device is known as jumping to a run-time image.

Windows Embedded CE PC-based platforms (CEPCs) and standard development boards that do not have internal flash storage do not support the ability to jump to a run-time image.

Before jumping to a run-time image, make sure that you have connected an Ethernet cable to the target device and development workstation by using a hub, and that you have completed the steps in Downloading a Run-Time Image.

  1. From the Target menu, choose Connectivity Options.

  2. Choose Core Service Settings.

  3. In the Download Image group, select Never (jump to image only).

  4. Choose Apply, and then choose Close.

  5. From the Target menu, choose Attach Device.

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