Debugging and Testing a Windows Network Projector (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


This section provides information about testing the performance of the device drivers and debugging a Windows Network Projector. This section also provides links to information about using Microsoft Platform Builder together with an x86 development platform.

The diagram below shows one example of how to connect your development system. This example is using a CEPC x86-based Windows Embedded CE development system, though the information is equally applicable to any hardware system that Windows Embedded CE supports.


For information about building a Window Network Projector and loading it onto a target device, see Building a Run-Time Image for a Windows Network Projector.

Measure the graphics hardware performance or get data from hardware manufacturers, specifically the system-to-video data transfer rate.

Measure the network throughput. The throughput should meet the expected performance for the standard protocol used.

The Windows Embedded CE development environment provides numerous tools to help you analyze and diagnose performance issues on a target device. These tools may be helpful for you to locate problem areas or limitations with your OS design. For more information see Tools for Performance Tuning and Tools for Testing from the CETK.

For more information, see Best Practices for Investigating Performance Problems.

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