Downloading the Emulator IP Phone Run-time Image (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can configure the download connection for the Emulator and then use this connection to download and run the run-time image.

  1. To configure the download connection, in Platform Builder, from the Target menu, choose Connectivity Options.

  2. To create a new device entry to interact with the Emulator, choose Add Device.

  3. In the Target Device box, enter a name for the device (the text can be anything you'd like).

  4. Choose Add to create the new device entry.

  5. Choose Kernel Service Map.

  6. In the Download box, choose Device Emulator (DMA).

  7. Choose Settings next to the Download box entry you just changed.

  8. To modify settings for the Emulator, in the Emulator Properties dialog box, perform the tasks in the following table.

    Setting Task


    You can use the defaults for the display (no skin) or you can select Skin.


    • Select Skin and then click '...' to navigate to and open the VOIP_PHONE directory. The path to this directory is <Platform Builder installation path>\CoreCon\SDK\SAMPLES\DE_SKINS\VOIP_PHONE.
    • In the folder, select the VoIP_Phone.xml file, and then choose Open.
    • Leave the other Display settings alone.

    All other settings

    Do not change the default settings.

  9. Choose OK.

  10. In the Transport box, choose Device Emulator (DMA).

  11. Leave the other settings alone.

  12. Choose Apply to save your changes, and then choose Close to close the Target Connectivity Options dialog box.

  13. To download the run-time image to the Emulator, from the Target menu, choose Attach Device.

    It can take time for the run-time image to finish downloading and for Windows Embedded CE to start. When Windows Embedded CE has started, you will see the VoIP Phone Suite's VoIP Home Screen application screen.

    14. When you close the Emulator, remember to Detach Device as well.

If you have not yet copied the run-time image .bin file to another computer and started an Emulator instance on that computer (so you have two phones that can communicate with each other), you should now follow the instructions in Downloading the Emulator IP Phone Run-time Image on Another Computer.

If you have started the VoIP phone run-time image on two instances of the Emulator, you are now ready to test the phones. For detailed instructions, see Testing the IP Phone.

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