Gateway Registry Settings (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The registry stores information necessary to configure the Gateway for applications and hardware devices. The registry also contains information that the operating system continually references during operation.

To configure the gateway's public and private interfaces, the default IP address, and Internet Connection Sharing settings, you must modify the registry.

You can modify the device registry settings in the following ways:

  • Before building the OS design and downloading the run-time image, modify the Project.reg file. For more information, see Modifying the Registry by Editing Project.reg.
  • After downloading the run-time image, use the Remote Registry Editor. Using the Remote Registry Editor modifies the image registry, but the changes do not persist to the registry files in Platform Builder. The next time you download the run-time image, you must configure the registry again. For more information, see Remote Registry Editor.

For instructions about how to add the required registry settings for a gateway, see Configuring the Gateway Registry.

The Catalog items that comprise the Gateway functionality in Windows Embedded CE have registry settings that control the functionality in that Catalog item. The following list provides links to information about Catalog item registry settings. For more information about the functionality in these Catalog items, see Gateway Architecture.

Connection Sharing Registry Settings

Configures the core registry settings for your gateway, such as the public and private interfaces.

File Server Registry Settings

Enables you to configure file server functionality for your gateway.

Gateway Logging Registry Settings

Configure the maximum size of the log file for your gateway.

IP Firewall Registry Settings

Configures the firewall settings for your gateway.

Print Server Registry Settings

Configures print server functionality for your gateway.

SNTP Registry Settings

Configures the time service settings for your gateway.

USB Flash Config Tool Registry Settings

Configures USB Flash Config Tool support for your gateway.

Web Proxy Registry Settings

Configures the Web Proxy settings for your gateway.

Web Server Registry Settings

Configures the Web Server settings for your gateway.

For information about how to configure the Gateway registry, see Configuring the Gateway Registry.

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