Connecting to a Windows Network Projector (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can connect a Windows Vista-based PC to a Windows Network Projector.

  1. Connect the PC running Platform Builder, the Windows Embedded CE development board, and the Windows Vista-based PC on an IP network.

  2. Download the Windows Network Projector image to the Windows Embedded CE development board.

    The Network Projector splash screen should display the following information:

    Projector: CEProjector

    Password: <the dynamic password displayed>

    URL: <the IP address assigned to the Windows Embedded CE-based device>

  3. On the Windows Vista-based PC, ping the address of the Windows Embedded CE development board through the command window.

  4. From the Start menu on the Windows Vista-based PC, choose All Programs, choose Accessories, and then choose Connect to a Network Projector.

  5. Choose Search for a projector.

  6. Once the Windows Vista-based PC has detected the projector, select device named CEProjector and enter the password as it is displayed on the splash screen.

  7. Choose Next.

  8. Leave the connection type as Mirrored and choose Connect.

  1. The splash screen does not display an IP address.

    Did you enable DHCP in the CEPC boot disk?

    Did you connect the CEPC to a network switch or router that supports DCHP?

  2. The Windows Vista-based PC cannot find the CE Network Projector device.

    Does the Network Projector device have an IP address?

    Does the Windows Vista-based PC have an IP address?

  3. The Windows Vista-based PC can find the projector but cannot connect to it.

    Did you try rebooting the Windows Embedded CE-based device?

    Did you enable the exemption in the Firewall for the program Connecting to a Network Projector?

    Did you try stopping IPSec? To do this, open a command window in administrator mode and enter net stop bfe.

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