Call Profiler Instrumented Module Building (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Using the compiler that ships with your product, you can insert Call Profiler profiling probes and add Call Profiler data collection control functions to your code.

Alternatively, using Platform Builder, you can set an environment variable and then use the Build tool to instrument your module. For more information, see Building an Application That Supports Call Profiler Data Collection.

To compile your code for profiling, you must compile with the /Gh flag for an x86 microprocessor or with the /callcap or /fastcap flag for other microprocessors.

To provide the most accurate profiling data, Microsoft recommends that you set the optimization options you will use in the build of your application that you plan to release.

For Call Profiler to properly resolve function names, you must explicitly set the name of the program database (.pdb) file in the /Fd compile option.

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