Samples (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Your Windows Embedded CE installation contains numerous code samples to help you learn Windows Embedded CE programming techniques and concepts. In addition to these samples there are sample board support packages (BSPs), drivers, and applications that are ready for use in a production environment. You can use many samples as final products or you can customize them to more closely suit your device requirements.

The following list shows locations of code samples in your Windows Embedded CE installation.


You will find documentation for individual operating system technologies in the Windows Embedded CE Features section of Windows Embedded CE Help.

Platform Builder Sample Code

Provides information about the types of samples available in Windows Embedded CE.

Developing an Application

Provides general information and technical resources for creating Windows Embedded CE applications.

Bringing Up a Hardware Platform

Provides information about creating board support packages (BSPs), bringing up Windows Embedded CE-based devices, and using the sample BSPs provided in Platform Builder.

Developing a Device Driver

Provides information about creating device drivers for Windows Embedded CE.

Windows Embedded CE Features

Provides the starting point for navigating to the detailed documentation for an OS technology in Windows Embedded CE.

Community Additions