Modifying the TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board Switches and Jumpers (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


To execute the boot loader code, modify the jumpers on the TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board as indicated in the development kit documentation.

  • Verify that each jumper is in the correct position.

    The following table describes the jumper settings.

    Jumper Connection Description



    JP1 selects the main DC power source:

    • When the jumper connects DC_IN and DC_MAIN, DC power is supplied by a carrier board through the 168 pin expansion connector.
    • When the jumper connects DC_MAIN and +5V, DC power is supplied by the development workstation through the USB connector.



    JP2 selects the Flash boot loader area. This allows a boot loader to be loaded in one half of the Flash and an application to be loaded in the other half. For more information, see the TI OMAP5912 Aruba Board documentation.

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