Build System Tools (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Platform Builder contains a variety of command-line tools, which make up the build system, to perform tasks such as creating and building run-time images.

The integrated development environment (IDE) is a thin layer over these tools, so you can use these tools in a command-line prompt build window to work with workspaces.

The following table shows the command-line tools and their functions.

Tool Description

Build Demo Tool (Blddemo.bat)

Calls all tools necessary to create Windows Embedded CE–based OS functionality, generate source code, copy files to a release directory, and make a run-time image.

Build Release Directory Tool (Buildrel.bat)

Copies all modules and files required to build the run-time image to a common release directory.

Build Tool (Build.exe)

Creates executable files for the target device.

Cesysgen Batch File (Cesysgen.bat)

Specifies the Windows Embedded CE–based modules and functionality for the target device.

fMerge Tool (fmerge.exe)

Combines all existing binary image builder (.bib) files into one .bib file, and all registry (.reg) files into one .ini file.

Make Binary Image Tool (Makeimg.exe)

Creates a run-time image.

Master Build Tool (Cebuild.bat)

Creates the Windows Embedded CE–based modules and functionality and builds source code for each project in an OS design.

Set Environment Variable Tool (Setenv.bat)

Sets customized developer environment variables. Used by Wince.bat; do not call this tool directly.

Sysgen Tool (Sysgen.bat)

Creates the Windows Embedded CE–based modules selected in Cesysgen.bat by linking the functionality specified in Cesysgen.bat.

Sysgenplatform Tool (Sysgenplatform.bat)

Links the files in your run-time image during the Sysgen phase of the build process.

Windows Embedded CE Build Environment Tool (Wince.bat)

Sets up the Windows Embedded CE build environment.

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